How National Hospital Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

How National Hospital Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Hospital is hoping to fill the diaries of 30 great women with beautiful stories during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Together, learn to know yourself through how to detect breast cancer.

The National Hospital hall's atmosphere was really fresh early in the morning because of the arrival of 30 cool women who couldn't wait to do yoga and study with doctor Andy Achmad Suanda SpB (K) Onk.

When you go home, you get a 50 percent discount for examinations to detect breast cancer.

If you believe there is a problem with the condition of your breasts, do not hesitate to consult with the National Hospital.

Last year, the Ministry of Health released the percentage of breast cancer sufferers in Indonesia as 16.6 percent or 65,858 breast cancer cases. Meanwhile, the number of deaths reached more than 22 thousand cases.

Consult with a specialist at the National Hospital about your health. #SahabatNH can directly contact the number below to book a consultation:


08112975700 (chats only whatsapp)

You can also book health services at the National Hospital by sending a message to Instagram @nationalhospitalsby.

Thank you to all partners who have collaborated in Pink Yoga National Hospital.

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