National Hospital Neuroscience Center

Excited to announce the grand opening of National Hospital Neuroscience Center!

Concentration in neurological problems comes with comprehensive services. Namely, through the National Hospital Neuroscience Center (NHNC). Which will treat the problems of epilepsy, parkinson's, stroke, and even spinal pain.

Following are some of the services available at the National Hospital Neuroscience Center : 

  • - Parkinson and Movement Disorder Center

            The goal of the Parkinson and Movement Disorder center is to provide therapy for Parkinson's disease, tremors, dystonia, chorea movement, writer's cramp, and other movement disorders. In handling these various diseases, we always try to provide the best treatment for patients in a comprehensive manner through human resources who are experts and competent in their fields which include neurosurgeons, neurologists, medical rehabilitation doctors, etc. As well as providing medical technology that supports, and always updates information through learning in line with the development of the medical world which is developing in a sustainable manner.

  • - Epilepsy Center

            The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center was formed with the aim of being able to provide comprehensive services in the management of epilepsy.

Starting from the treatment of epilepsy through medications to surgery. Our team consists of a team of neurologists and consultant neurosurgeons who are experts and focus on epilepsy, as well as nurses who are specially trained in the management of epilepsy patients, and the use of Long term video EEG.

  • - Indonesia Brain Tumor Solution

            National Hospital with Surabaya Neuro Science created a new Center of Excellence: Indonesian Brain Tumor Solution.

Focuses on comprehensive tumor surgical management services supported by sophisticated and modern equipment, as well as doctors who specialize in treating tumor diseases.

Our hope is that this service will become a reliable source and destination for treating brain tumors in Indonesia.

  • - Neuro Endovascular Center

            To be able to provide maximum service and treatment to patients, we strive to update knowledge about the treatment of cerebral vascular disorders as science develops in the medical world today, one of which is by using minimally invasive methods and minimal risks. There are various ways to treat cerebral vascular disorders, such as Coiling installation on brain aneurysms to avoid rupture of the aneurysm, and installation of a Flow diverter pipeline to circulate blood properly.

  • - Indonesian Spine Clinic

            Where innovation meets spinal care excellence. Here's to a future of strong backs and vibrant lives!

  • - Comprehensive Neuromodulation Center

            The comprehensive neuromodulation center at National Hospital Surabaya is the first neuromodulation service available in Indonesia as a center for treating various types of neurological diseases using neuromodulation technology.

Some of the neuromodulation devices currently available at the National Hospital Surabaya include:

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

Sacral Stimulation

Intratecal Baclofen Pump