World Epilepsy Day, Recognize the Symptoms and Treatment

World Epilepsy Day, Recognize the Symptoms and Treatment

A common symptom of people with epilepsy is seizures. However, when someone has a seizure, they don't necessarily have epilepsy. Due to many factors. Such as head trauma or tumors in the head. When seizures occur in children, the most common cause is that they are born prematurely and are born with brain abnormalities. However, the main cause of epilepsy is an abnormal pattern of electrical activity in the brain. Based on data summarized since last year, the hospital noted that approximately thousands of patients have received excellent service at the National Hospital.

Please note, last year, the estimated number of epilepsy patients in Indonesia was around 1.5 million people (nationally). With a prevalence of 0.5-0.6 percent of the Indonesian population. Epilepsy patients vary in age. Starting from toddlers to the age of 50 years and over. Not infrequently, ordinary people still think that epilepsy is a mental disorder, a curse, and can heal itself. In addition, information on medical treatment is still not widely known. Because of that, National Hospital is committed to actively participate in holding Purple Day every year. This is a way to increase world awareness of epilepsy and to dispel common myths and fears about this neurological disorder.

So, what is the medical treatment for epilepsy patients? First, patients need to consult with a doctor first. After that, the patient needs screening to find out the cause of epilepsy. Screening is through MRI, EEG, and PET Scan. Screening is carried out on the advice of a doctor and sees the patient's condition. Very important, the patient has a record / history of seizures. This is because the note is an evaluation material for the treating doctor. In addition, the history will be used as a determinant of the type/type of seizure. After finding the type/type of seizure, the doctor will determine the right therapy for the patient. Usually, the first therapy begins with administration of anti-epileptic drugs. Then, the patient's condition is evaluated, whether the seizure is controlled or not. So, if the seizures are not controlled, then the patient is recommended for surgery.

The National Hospital provides special services for epilepsy. Namely, the Epilepsy Center (epic). Inaugurated last year, EPIC is a comprehensive epilepsy treatment facility in Indonesia. The EPIC facility in Nathos has a TESLA 3 MRI with a special protocol. Then, EPIC also has a long term video EEG facility which is rarely owned by other hospitals in Indonesia. The EPIC facility is supported by neurologists and neurosurgeons who specialize in epilepsy. And, of course, nurses who are trained in operationalizing EEG.

This year, National Hospital invites insurance partners from Manulife LKG to join this event in building awareness of epilepsy. In the discussion on World Epilepsy Day 2023, National Hospital also presented Arvin Widiawan, author of Epilepsi: Kawan atau Lawan. Arvin is an epilepsy fighter and patient at the National Hospital. Arvin was born in 1994 and completed his studies in the field of International Tourism Management in 2016 at Bangkok University International, Thailand. Arvin also completed his master of management studies with a concentration in Tourism and Hospitality Management in 2020 at UK Petra, Surabaya.