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PT Surabaya Jasa Medika Held Topping Off Ceremony

21 July 2011


Surabaya (21 / 7) | PT Surabaya Jasa Medika carry out the closing stages of the process of topping off a roof or building hospitals National Hospital, Surabaya. Implementation topping off the procession held on Thursday, July 21, 2011 by Sinarto Dharmawan, president director of PT Surabaya and Medical Services and director of PT Grand Family View, and Rudy Surjanto director of PT Surabaya and also Director of Medical Services PT Indah Palace Car Surabaya, and accompanied the ranks other management.

Sinarto Dharmawan said that the National Hospital, developed by PT Surabaya Medical Services which is a joint venture between PT Grande Family View, subsidiary of PT Intiland Development Tbk and PT Indah Palace Car Surabaya with the inclusion of 50 per cent respectively.

National Hospital was built at a strategic location that is in the area of ??commercial housing Graha Famili, West Surabaya. This hospital is part of Festival Walk megaproject development, an integrated commercial areas in the region Graha Famili.

"Implementation of topping off a proof of trust and cooperation of a solid of each party. We have the same goal to make the National Hospital into a modern new hospital and able to meet public health needs of Surabaya, especially those living in the area of ??West Surabaya. "Sinarto said.

National Hospital was built in an area of ??8530 square meters with 10 floors main building includes two floors to the basement and the Annex Building as high as 5 floors. This hospital has a total building area of ??at least reach 32,000 square meters.

In terms of building design, the National Hospital put forward the concept of "green buildings" that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Interior design concept also refers to a special design for ease of use and prioritize patient safety.

In order to realize the concept, the company took Prof. Tay Keng Soon from Southeast Akitek architect firm in Singapore and in collaboration with Forum Architects Singapore as an architectural designer. Prof. Tay Keng Soon was the architect of the KK Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Singapore.

For example, for the room Suite, Super VIP and VIP, the hospital implemented a lighting ambience. The use of this technology will make the room lighting automatically follow the circadian rhythm according to the human biological time. The entire lamp examination in inpatient maker is designed in such a way that does not make the patient a glare.

Another advantage is the use of fiber optic cables for data communications, voice, and images with high definition quality. Through implementation of this technology throughout the building led to the National Hospital buildings can be categorized as The Smart Building.

Besides supported environmentally friendly building design, the National Hospital is also equipped with an integrated health facility. The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment technology, advanced and supported by trained and experienced medical professionals.

According Sinarto, modern society is increasingly health conscious and have high, thus requiring a very adequate health facilities to meet their needs. This trend needs to make the world of health and health technologies is growing rapidly.

Sinarto himself revealed the Surabaya community needs to health services and hospitals with integrated facilities and very high quality. But unfortunately, the availability of hospital services will be integrated with the facilities and quality are relatively few and very limited types of services. The presence of the National Hospital is expected to be one of the central referral hospital for Eastern Indonesia.

"In fact, public demand for health care is increasingly complex and diverse. Consider these conditions and needs, we are committed to bring a modern hospital with various types of integrated health services. "Sinarto said.

With regard to the health facilities available, Rudy Surjanto explained that the National Hospital is equipped with complete facilities and modern facilities consisting of outpatient and inpatient care, as well as other medical support. Own outpatient facilities include the Emergency Room that provides 8 beds, a doctor's office as much as 30 rooms, and services Medical Check Up.

National Hospital provides inpatient facility of 179 beds. The patients can choose the type of room as needed, such as the Suite Room, Super VIP, VIP, Executive, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3, and the Isolation Room.

Rudy added that in addition to inpatient room facilities are diverse, the National Hospital also provides various types of intensive care. Rooms include intensive Care Unit or Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for the special care of children, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for treatment of newborns, to high care unit (HCU). National Hospital is also equipped with 4 surgical rooms equipped with the highest standards with a central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) and coupled with 2 pieces of the operating room for One Day Care and Endoscopy.

In addition the National Hospital has a comprehensive clinical laboratory, radiology facility complete with high tesla MRI, or CT Scan Multi 128 Slices, Fluoroscopy, Mammography. There is also a cardiac catheterization and angiography for interventional radiology and Haemodialysis and Physiotherapy. As well as medical support equipment and other advanced diagnostics.

"In terms of application of information technology, National Hospital will be the first hospital in Indonesia to implement the Medical Decision Support System (MDSS) with the goal of patient safety (patient safety). Through this system, each medical personnel assisted with software to guide medical diagnosis in accordance with the symptom or symptoms that occur in patients as well as handling. We also implement a hospital information management system through the application of electronic medical record and fully integrated with the Laboratory Information System, and the Radiology Information System. "Rudy said.

Management of the National Hospital National Hospital facility development targets take about 18 months so that the National Hospital is expected to be operational and begin serving the community at the beginning of the first quarter of 2012. ***

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