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We are advancing in every way to treat you better, and reach maximum level of patient care and safety

La Trobe
15 Mar 2016, By Admin

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Seminar rawat luka untuk perawat
12 Mar 2016, By Admin

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National Hospital's Magazine 2nd Edition 2014
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We wont let you down, we are here to make you feel good and recover quickly from any decease you are facing.

Seminar Awam Kanker Paru
20 Mar 2016, By Admin

Apa itu itu kanker paru?? Apa penyebabnya?? Siapa yang beresiko?? Bagaimana penanganannya?? Ikuti diskusi umum dan tanya jawab tentang kanker paru bersama : - dr. Bambang Susilo Simon, Sp.P, FCCP - dr. Yosis Motulo, SpB.TKV

GRATIS !!!!!! Minggu, 20 Maret 2016
Pukul 09.00 - selesai

hanya di

Auditorium Ang Kang Hoo
National Hospital
Boulevard Famili Selatan Kav.1
Graha Famili SURABAYA

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Medical Check Up packages
31 Mar 2016, By Admin

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